Hóa chất cơ bản miền Nam



"Production development of ecological environment protection"

Before 1975, the chemical plants; in the southern manufacturing aluminum hydroxide, alum bauxite ore is imported from Malaysia. Since 1976, demand for domestic thuphen growing aluminum and bauxite ore imports difficult. General Chemical has strongly put to the test production line of alum from the Bao Loc bauxite - Lam Dong. According to the geological survey results showed Bao Loc bauxite mines and the thickness of the ore quality here fully meet the production needs of alum and aluminum hydroxide.

November 1976, Bao Loc Bauxite Mines was established, the subordinate units Pure Chemical Co. South, has the task of bauxite ore supply Tan Binh Chemical Plant to produce alkaline water filter available service requirements for regional water supply HCMC. With a capacity of extraction time was 17,000 tonnes of ore / year (7,500 tonnes of concentrate / year).

To meet the increasing demand, General Chemical has instructed 310 / HC-KTCB6 date 08/4/1983 to renovate and expand the Bauxite Mines Bao Loc. Since then the mining operations adhere to the procedures and regulations in mining including mining technology, reconstituted solution ...

To date, the mine designed capacity of 200,000 tonnes of ore / year. Catches of bauxite ore bauxite mine is 38% Al2O3.

Always aware Sticky range of environmental protection, in recent years Bao Loc bauxite mine was put into operation in environmental projects as well as the reconstituted solution in the extraction process.

More than 35 years of operation, Bao Loc Bauxite Mine is one of the ore resource efficient, is the main bauxite supplies to the southern region.