Hóa chất cơ bản miền Nam

"Product quality and safety in production and environmental protection"

Prior to 1975, Branch Company (Factory Tan Binh Chemicals old) COPHATA called, was built in 1969 by a Chinese master. At that time, the main product of sulfuric acid and alum only single. In 1973, aluminum hydroxide is added to the list of major products.

After the time of 30.04.1975, the state took over and gave the company COPHATA Chemicals Pure Southern manage in accordance with the decision dated 07.21.1976 No. 240 / HC of General Chemicals. Since then, official COPHATA renamed Tan Binh Chemical Factory.

Before 2009, Tan Binh Chemical Factory has 04 production lines: sulfuric acid production line, production line of aluminum sulfate, alum, aluminum hydroxide production lines and lines of pure distilled sulfuric acid.

Implementing the policy of the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City on environmental protection, Basic Chemicals Company relocated Southern conduct production lines of sulfuric acid (2009), and production lines alum aluminum sulphate (2011) to Tan Binh Chemical Factory 2; chain pure distilled sulfuric acid (2011) to Bien Hoa Chemical Factory.

On 29/01/2010, the Company Southern Basic Chemicals Notice No. 062 / TB-base chemicals activities termination of Workshop for xuataxit sulfuric and rearranging the organizational structure in Tan Binh Chemical Factory.

On 20/06/2012, the Company Southern Basic Chemicals issued Decision No. 324 / QD-MN established SUBSIDIARY COMPANY LIMITED SOUTH BASIC CHEMICALS (referred to as Branch Company), continue production and business products and aluminum hydroxide Al (OH) 3 as well as providing the service previously owned by Tan Binh Chemical Factory undertake.

Products of Branch Company is widely used in many industries such as electronics technology, battery production, paper production, fertilizer production, production alum water purification, water treatment ...


To meet the increasing demands of customers, the branch company continued to enhance capacity, improve product quality by the combination of traditional technology and modern technology.


"Product quality and safety in production and environmental protection are three issues we have always placed on top"