Dong Nai Chemical Factory (VICACO)

"Prestige First"



Bien Hoa Chemical Factory (VICACO) was founded in 1976, formerly known as NaOH-chlorine factory in Vietnam first built in 1962.

Along with the strong development of Vietnam's industry in the integration period. Factory constantly applying new technology, modern technology to replace old and obsolete order to improve productivity and product quality, and better meet the needs of the market.


After nearly half a century of existence and development along with the ups and downs in economic terms - the country's society. Bien Hoa Chemical Factory always ensure supply of chemicals indispensable for many important industries of the country, such as electricity, water, paper, textile, detergent ... factory effort every day to always be where reliability and customer choice.




"We guarantee to provide customers with stable product quality, reasonable price, prompt delivery and favorable in the vitamin barn".