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Dong Nai Chemical Factory

"Continually reaching future development"

Dong Nai chemical factory was established and in operation since 1974 under the name of Dong Nai Chemicals company (abbreviated DONACHEMICAL). At that time, factory produced products Na2SO4, NH4Cl.


After the time of 30.04.1975, the state took over and gave the company DONACHEMICAL Chemicals Management Pure South. Since then, official DONACHEMICAL renamed Dong Nai Chemical Factory.




In the planned economy period, to have the washing powder industry Na2SO4, 1978 was invested factory assembly line Monday, and continued investment in 1990 passed motday Tuesday. However, until 1995, factory had to shut down production lines Na2SO4 due to objective conditions in economic terms.

From the initial orientation is the manufacture of basic chemicals, with the efforts of management and all employees, in 2000 the Company factory Pure Chemical Investment South H3PO4 production line techniques with capacity of 2,500 tons / year, in 2002 the capacity was raised to 7,000 tons / year. To diversify products and expand the market, in 2005 invested more production lines with a capacity of food H3PO4 3,000 tons / year.

Besides producing phosphoric acid, the researchers produced the original product of phosphate was conducted since 2003. To date, factory has invested the production line of phosphate based products with a total capacity of 2,200 tons /male.

Current products of Dong Nai chemical plants are:

Technical H3PO4, Food H3PO4, NH4H2PO4, (NH4) 2H2PO4, KH2PO4, Na3PO4.12H2O, Na2HPO4.12H2O,


NaH2PO4.2H2O, CA3 (PO4) 2, Ca2HPO4, CaCl2.2H2O, NH4OH, KCl.