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Tan Binh 2 Chemical Factory 

"To master the technology; Ensure quality, safety and occupational health;

Raising awareness for community life"

Tan Binh Chemical Factory 2 is the Corporation Vietnam Chemical established by Decision No. 164 / QD-HCVN on 24/4/2009 the separation part of Bien Hoa Chemical Factory is located in Bien Hoa Industrial Zone I. Accordingly, Tan Binh Chemical factory 2 is one of five members of the company Limited Pure Chemical Park South.

Currently, Tan Binh Chemical Factory 2 operations with 02 production lines: sulfuric acid production line of 60,000 tons / year production line and aluminum sulfate salt capacity of 8,000 tons / year.




These types of products are produced including:

•    Acid sunfuric (Technical level)

•    Nhôm hydroxide

•    Phèn nhôm sunfate: 17% Al2O3 and15% Al2O3

•    Bisunfit NaHSO3

Although only established, but factory has been operating effectively and promote the strengths and advantages are access to and investment lines of advanced production technology.


The products of the factory is one of the inorganic chemicals, plays an important role in service for other industrial sectors in the country. Oriented development is the expansion of factory production and business activities, stable development and become one of the reputable factory provide basic inorganic chemicals southern region.


With a young age, the plant is always strengthened, developed to complete the management apparatus, improving the efficiency of the management and production in accordance with the quality management amalgams, environmental management.